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Source Capital Group, Inc.
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Last updated: 11/28/2016
Source Capital Group, Inc.
Consultant/Product Development
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Source Capital Group, Inc.
254 East 10th Street
New York
New York
10009  United States
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646 590-8222 (Phone)
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  North America
  Accelerometers, Electronic Compasses, Energy, FBAR, Flow Sensors, Functional Sensors, Gyroscopes, Microphones, Optical MEMS, Oscillator, Pressure Sensors, Relative Humidity Sensors, RF-MEMS, Temperature Sensors, Thermal Sensor, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Vibration Sensor
  Consulting, Investment Services
  Bonding Material, Cleaning, Etch Mask, GaAs wafers, Germanium Wafers, Getters, Glass Frit, Glass Wafers, Micro Abrasive Jet Machined Wafers and Substrates, Packaging, Polishing Slurry, Process Carrier, Protection Coating, Quartz Wafers, Sealing Glass, Silicon Wafers, Structured Wafers and Substrates
  Batch Developer, Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems, Chemical Vapor Deposition Systems, Chemical Vapour Etching (CVE), Cleaning, Coat Develop and Expose, Coat-Develop Systems, Coating, Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) Systems, Deep Silicon Etch Systems, Dry Etch Release, Electroetching, Electroplating, Etch Mask, Film-assisted Molding Systems, Full-Auto Linear Wet System, High Temperature Cure Ovens, Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP), Ion Beam Etch, Lamination, Lithography, Manual Wet Bench, Mask Aligner, Mask and Bonder Aligners, Metal Lift Off, Metrology Instrumentation, Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD®), Packaging, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Systems, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD), Plasma Etching Systems, Semi Automated Wet Processing System, Silicon Deep Reactive Ion Etch (RIE), Stripping, Test Contactors, Test Handlers, Testing, Wafer Bonding, Wafer Handling Systems, Wet etching, Wet Etch Protection Systems, Wet Processing Systems
  Aeronautic/Aviation Applications, Automotive, Biotech, Consumer, Energy, Industrial, Medical/Quality of Life, Mobile Devices, Oil Exploration, Science/Research, Wearables
  Design, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Feasability, Low Volume Fabrication, Manufacturing Services, Mask Layout, Metal Via, Modeling, Packaging, Pilot Services, Process Development, Prototyping, Research & Development, Runsheet Development, Silicon Deep Reactive Ion Etch (RIE), Solar Cell Fabrication, Technology Transfer to Foundry, Through Silicon Via, University Work, Volume Production Ramp, Wafer Bonding
  Investment banking services for the MEMS & Sensor space.

M&A - analytics, financial modeling, investment memo, virtual dataroom, corporate sale / auction, negotiation of valuation, closing documents.

Private Placements - debt & equity capital raises, financial modeling, virtual dataroom, institutional investor roadshow, term sheet negotiation, closing documents.
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